About the calculation of isotope yields of Ni-64

I want to calculate the yield of Cu-64 produced by Ni. The compositon of Ni is Ni-64(99.01%),Ni58(0.68%),Ni60(0.26%),Ni61(0.01%) and Ni62(0.04%). The input file is here.

NI64.inp (5.9 KB)

And the low-energy neutron cross section is used which is controled by LOW-PWXS.

However, the results shows that, the yiled of Cu-64 is lowest in the cu isotopes, which is not correct. The output file is here.
NI64_60_sum.lis (2.9 KB)

So, please help me to find the wrong in the input file.


what is mostly wrong in the input file, is your actual nickel composition, which does not reflect at all what you declare above, because you did not correctly define your single isotope materials (you defined every time natural composition nickel, see a previous explanation).
Also, note that you do not need multiple LOW-PWXS cards, one is enough for application to all materials.
Finally, you do not get isotope yields, rather activities at the requested cooling time.

Thank you so much for useful information!