Accessing atmospheric geometries and geomagnetic field libraries


I am a new FLUKA user and am slightly confused as to how I am supposed to access the libraries associated with modeling the atmosphere’s structure and magnetic properties such as in or atmloc.f. I’m not certain how to include these files in my input file.

Thank you,
James R. Bowers

Dear @james.bowers ,

You can access the example provided with the FLUKA distribution, in


where you can find an already prepared *.inp which shows how to use the GRC tools/cards and how the is called (basically, via an #include card).

The folder


contains the description of the full Earth model and the material definition of the atmosphere layers. The folder contains also several other files related to the particle spectra you can simulate (GCR All-Particle-Spectra / GCR All-Nucleon Spectra / Solar events).

The atmloc.f routine can be used to create a user-defined geometry, by providing several parameters such as latitude/longitude, geomagnetic cutoff, etc. This will automatically create the geometry (and all associated files) for your simulations. You can find more info in the FLUKA manual, Chapter 16.