Ambient dose equivalents of neutrons

Dear Fluka experts,

I created a simple simulation to get the ambient dose equivalent of neutron.
The following two pictures are my input and output drawings.I have two questions if my input is correct.

I.What are the units of data that I get?
II.The data on the right side of the output image is not completely displayed. Adding a line of code can solve this problem, but I lost it.


Hi Li,
you are not getting ambient dose equivalent by neutrons, because you asked for NEUTRON fluence in your Cartesian USRBIN. So you are getting neutron fluence in cm^-2 per primary particle, making your AUXSCORE card pointless.
You should ask for DOSE-EQ, which is given in pSv per primary particle (in case of prompt radiation) as the manual indicates. Then AUXSCORE would allow you to limit the scoring to neutrons.
Concerning the image outcome, it’s a matter of gnuplot features. You could for instance simply remove the redundant “1x” by typing
set format cb “10^{%+02T}”
in the Flair plot whiteboard.

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Hi Li,

just to add to Francesco’s answer, please have a look at the following topic, where you can find some gnuplot options, how to manipulate the plot margins, and how to use them in Flair.


Dear Francesco,
Thank you for your reply,I solved these two problems with your help.
But what should I do if I want to get the ambient dose equivalent rate of neutron?


As usual, multiply the FLUKA result (in your case dose equivalent in pSv per primary particle) by the beam current (primary particles per second, yielding pSv/s). As mentioned, AUXSCORE - as you wrote it - allows to limit the scoring to neutrons.

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How can I show it in the picture?Just like the picture I sent before.