Beam model file

Dear Experts,
I’m interested in running a simulation (dose re-calculation) using FLUKA by importing DICOM file from TPS, I’ve read through this thread that the beam characteristics must be obtained from the facility that creates this plan based on its LINAC configuration. I’ve asked our collaborators in the clinic to provide specifically the beam model file, and they sent me the whole commissioning setting (TrueBeam representative beam data for Eclips). This File contains a huge data (all energies types,PDD, relative doses/ wedges and etc) in spreadsheets and W2CAD format. I really have no idea how to get beam file (NP/MU, spread, and width) extracted from this file.
Could you please indicate how to get the beam model file? is it from the TrueBeam system or from TPS(Eclips).
Thank you

Dear @abdalmalki unfortunately you cannot have the beam model file automatically from any other software. You need to create it yourself if really needed.

The file format is straightforward, you need to provide in a table text format for various beam energies some beam parameters like momentum, angular and position spread. In case your plan contains Monitor Units instead of Number of Particles to provide the conversion

Thank you @vasilis for responding.
Could you please direct me how to get these information from (i.e. what should I ask from the clinic to provide). I’m really confused and even the one using Eclips doesn’t know how to extract these information out. He provides all the DICOM set and I was able to translate it to FLUKA setting, but I couldn’t find any information from RTplan related to the beam characteristics. What data I need from my collaborators to create the beam model file, is it derived from TrueBeam data system or I need to do something else.