Calculate secondary dose contribution

Dear Fluka experts,
I want to calculate the secondary dose contribution in heavy-ion radiotherapy. When I calculate the neutron and photon dose-EQ in a Voxel phantom, I set the Scoring card as follow: Can you help me check if the set is suitable? Meanwhile, I also want to calculate the tissue equivalent dose. So I need calculate the energy at different voxel region. I want to know if I can use AUXSCORE to get the neutron or photon energy. Thanks in advance!


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sorry for the belated answer.

The cards seem correct.

However, keep in mind that while it makes sense to distinguish the contribution to the dose equivalent due to different particles (since dose equivalent is defined as particle fluence multiplied by energy-dependent coefficients), it is more subtle for energy deposited.
The latter is always due to electrons and, even attribution is technically possible, this would depend on electron/photon transport threshold that can be set with EMFCUT and DELTARAY.

I recommend you to give a look at these slides in particular for the transport and delta-ray-production thresholds.


further to the reply by Luigi, I think your second AUXSCORE should refer to Det: photon (not neutron)