Can the only new isotopes be tallied?

The “resnucle” card is used to tally isotopes produced through neutron bombing natural copper,
in the result, isotopes Cu-63 and Cu-65 occured,
Can the only new isotopes be tallied?

Hi @Newconcept_1979

currently, all elastic recoils are pushed in the stack in order to be further tracked and account for possible energy/damage. This generates the artefact that elastic recoils when stopped are scored as residual nuclei.

We are currently implementing the following solution for the next fluka minor release:
Elastic recoils will be pushed on the stack and will be flagged as NOT to be scored as residual nuclei when they are stopped, except if in the meantime they have changed region and are implanted in a different one from where they were created.

Until the minor release if you are interested in ignoring the elastic recoils (as residual nuclei) you are welcome to inspect the stack of secondaries generated after an interaction (routine: mdstck.f) and ignore or flag anything that contains only a recoil without any other particle pushed in the stack (=elastic recoil).

@ Vasilis Vlachoudisvasilis, thanks!