Colorize() got an unexpected keyword argument 'blackpoint'

When using the RTViewer,it does not show the planned dose or calculated dose.
The output is :colorize() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘blackpoint’.How to work it out?

Hi Jiaquan,

which version of linux OS do you have.
Could you also provide the version of the python3-pil or python3-imaging libraries you have installed on your system


or python3-pillow (Fedora 32 x64)
some of the latest Pythons use pillow instead of PIL

Thanks @igor.e.anokhin
pillow which is a fork of PIL in the documentation doesn’t have this options.
I will remove to be compatible also with pillow, and upload a new respin

I use the ubuntu 18.04
Thank you

I’ve uploaded a new respin that corrects those problems.