Convert flair output files to txt/excel files

Dear Fluka experts;

I would like to convert DETECT output file to .txt file format or .csv/excel file. But there is nothing when convert to txt file. would you be able provide any advice regarding this?

Thanks in advance

Dear Nadeera,

FLUKA automatically create convert the DETECT results to an ASCII format, when you process the results of the cycles. You can find it under “data”, and its name should end with “17_tab.lis”.

Then you may need to manipulate the file to make it compatible with excel.


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Thank you David.

when convert to Excel, there are 4 columns without headings. I assume that first column is the channel number (or Energy ). Other 3 columns, do we need to sum it before plotting ?

Dear Nadeera,

the meaning of the columns are:

  1. Minimum energy of the channel
  2. Maximum energy of the channel
  3. Count per primary
  4. Relative error [%]


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