CPU is going down after a moment

Dear Fluka user,
I try to execute my inp file with 10 spawns. Everything seems to be ok at the begining. the “top” command says that 10 cpus are at 100% of use. But, after a moment the use of cpu go down to 10%, and thus the run is really slow.
Have you ever met such a problem?

How many processors do you have?
You can check it with the command “nproc” on the command line.

I have 48 proc. If I send 48 spawns, cpus slow down instantly…

Okay, I think the problem is my ram. My simulation takes all of it. Perhaps due to userdump :confused:

If you use all your processors to run simulations, then you have nothing left to do anything else and process will be competing one with the other to get RAM.
I’d suggest you not to send as many jobs/spawns as many processors you have.

Thank you amario,
There are dump files in temp directory “fluka_12345” created by userdump that take all the available ram…
I am going to investigate…