Define usrbin in Cylindrical coordinate system

Dear experts,
I have to question:
first: I try to define usrbin in a Cylindrical coordinate system but I have a question about how can I limit angle? Is there any way?
second: what about the origin coordinate? If I transfer and rotate is it change?

Dear @rezaei.m.p,

what you can do with a USRBIN scoring in a cylindrically symmetrical mesh is to set the number of bins for the azimuthal angle around the Z axis: the azimuthal angle is measured from -\pi to +\pi with respect to the X axis. You can later limit the angular range when you plot your results in Flair so my suggestion is to choose a number of angular bins that will allow you to easily make the selection according to your goals.

If I understand correctly your second concern, you are wondering what happens if you have a beam reference frame different from the geometry one (due to BEAMPOS or BEAMAXES). The scoring mesh is defined always in the geometry reference system and is not affected by these cards. If you need, you can define a binning with an arbitrary orientation in space by means of ROT-DEFI and ROTPRBIN cards.

I hope it is more clear now. If you are unsure and have an example input file, please feel free to share it so I can better advise you.