Detect card - histogram

Hello to all,

The problem I’ve been having with the Detect card is that the histogram shows an accumulation of entries at the lowest energies. At first I though it was a problem with the energy boundaries set, but after many iterations with smaller and smaller Emax the problem persists.

I would be grateful if anyone could shed some light into this.

Attached you will find the .inp

Thank you.

geom_detect_lineal_mini.inp (38.4 KB)

Dear Duarte,

this may be the unexpected behavior of the DETECT scoring, as the events when zero energy is deposited is still counted into the lowest energy bin.

You can prevent this by:

  • increasing the minimum energy with an infinitesimal value, or
  • using the same region as a trigger in coincidence with itself. In this case the default cutoff energy is 1 eV.


Hello Dávid,

Thank you for your answer.

Your advice seems to have solved it.

Kind Regards,