Docker container for CERN FLUKA

Dear FLUKA experts,

Is there a docker container with the CERN FLUKA version?

I would like to use the REANA tool developed at CERN for reusability purposes. It requires a docker container in which commands can be run, e.g.: rfluka -M 1 example.inp

Thank you for your time!


Dear Daniel,

currently we are not providing a Docker image for general purpose use on clusters mainly for the following reasons:

  1. The advanced uses of FLUKA quite often require the use of user routines, thus a custom executable.

  2. FLUKA is a single thread application, and parallelized simulations require separate input files with different random number seeds.

Of course these issues can be overcome with custom scripts and docker images, but each user’s / system’s needs are different, thus we can’t provide them.

Obviously, please feel free to create the scripts and images needed to your application. But make sure, that the docker images containing FLUKA are not publicly available, and only users (institutes) who accepted the FLUKA licence have access to it.


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Dear Dávid,

Thank you for your reply!

I have set up a repo for a template Dockerfile if there is any other who would find it useful in the future.