Dose deposition

Hello dear expert. I simulate the dose deposition of a monoenergetic antineutton beam in ’ parallelepipedic phantom of water. I get the curve attached. I want to get it without zig zag what to do? Thank you for your availability

Dear @bakodeo,

Not having your inputfile, I cannot be sure, but I would say that your plot suffers of large statistical uncertainty, i.e. you need to run more primaries.

antineu.inp (1.3 KB)
sorry here is attached my input file.
Thanks for your help

Dear @bakodeo,

I was able to run your input out of the box. I run 1 million primaries and obtained the following plot. It confirm the diagnosis that you did not run your simulation with a sufficient number of primaries.


Thank you very much for your availability to answer our daily worries