Dose distribution on Dicom files

Dear FLUKA Experts and users
My FLUKA and Flair versions are 4-2.2 and 3.1-15.1, respectively on WSL
I am working on Dicom files, The Dicom images and RT-Dose files have also been successfully created in flair. I want to observe the dose distribution of a photon source on the coronal, sagittal and axial sections which is located next to the head of a human.
Test.pdf (166.7 KB)

As you can see in figure, the resulting dose distribution can be seen. But, there are three problems:

  1. By calling the #.bnn file associated with the dose calculation (USERBIN) and imposing the dose distribution on the Dicom images, the moving palette buttonbushes (shown in the red ellipses) are deactivated for any color adjustment.
  2. It is not possible to change the color division and smooth it on the column (shown in the green ellipse) to achieve a uniform dose distribution instead of the present scattered spot colors.
  3. How the dose values in outer parts of the skin, which is made of air, can be removed from the image?

In advanced, Thank you for your help and guides.


Responding to part of your questions:

  1. First of all I assume you used DOSE score in USRBIN, therefore to normalize the output which originally is in GeV/g, you need to multiply the USRBIN output by 1.602E-7 to obtain the dose in Gy;
    In addition, the obtained USRBIN is normalized per single particle, as such you need to multiply the output by the number of particles (NP) in your treatment (if in your photon treatment you compare there are Monitor Units (MU), you need to find a proper scaling… NP/MU).
    You can place the final normalization number in the Norm field (now it is 1.0) located next to the Planned (file) field, and then (if the dose will be bigger than 1e-7 Gy) it should be possible to change Min and Max and scale palette by buttons you have shown in red.

  2. The reason for the scattered spot colors is mainly the high statistical uncertainty of your simulations. Try to run more particles for your simulation. You can also increase the bin size.
    The palette has nothing to do with that.

  3. For that you will need to modify the USRBIN, by zeroing values of all voxels/bins outside the External ROI, which might be done based on information from DICOM RT STRUCT, however, I can’t currently provide you with the ready-to-go script.


Hi Wioletta
Thank you so much, the problem has been solved.
With best wishes