Dose equivalent from neutrons

Neutron energy spectrum be considered when calculating the dose equivalent rate of neutron produced by proton impact by semi-empirical formula. Should neutron energy spectrum also be considered when using software simulation? If so, what should be done?

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,

Could you please explain better what is your problem and what do you want to achieve? It would be helpful in order to give you a better answer.

Dear amario,
I want to get the neutron dose equivalent rate produced by proton impact. At present, there are two methods, semi-empirical formula calculation and FLUKA software calculation. When using semi-empirical formula to calculate neutron dose equivalent rate, we need to consider neutron energy spectrum. I want to know whether we should also consider neutron energy spectrum when using FLUKA calculation, and if so, how should we implement it in FLUKA?

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,

As you have already been told in the other thread you opened The error in the "Run" - #2 by horvathd, on this forum support is given only for for FLUKA and Flair distributed by CERN at .
Please, install these versions if you want help here.

As for the core of your question, if you start from simulating in FLUKA the proton impact, you do not need to implement any neutron energy spectrum, which is automatically generated by FLUKA as a result of the proton impact, and you can directly score a DOSE-EQ map, possibly only from NEUTRONs if filtered by means of the AUXSCORE card.

Thank you very much for your answer.