Dose rate measurement using urstrack card

Dear Sir, I am calculating surface dose rate of filter by using usrtrack card for 662KeV gamma photon energy. i want to know what is normalization factor used for calculating dose in mR/h from usertrack output.

Dear @sharmaram,

In order to help you, you should provide a few more details. Are you using a primary beam of photon or are you simulating the Cesium-137 decay?
It is not clear to me also why you want to use USRTRACK rather than built-in scoring to estimate dose rate.
I would suggest you to have a look at the lectures on scoring and on activation from the last Fluka course.

Hello expert, I did the simulation to measure the DOSE of the cylinder (on contact and 1m ) drums filled with water and equivalent Dose also using usrtrack card. I used 10E5 primary histories and energy of 662KeV gamma photon Beam.

  1. I scored Dose and dose-eq In usrtrack card.
  2. both scoring outputs are different in the unit.
    Doses will be expressed in GeV/g per unit primary weight.
    To obtain the dose in Gy, multiply GeV/g by 1.602176462E-7.
    Scoring- Dose-eq
    Dose eq will be expressed in psv per unit primary weight.
  3. I want to calculate Dose in Gy/h in both cases. suggest correct normalization factor
    for both cases.
  4. Radiation factor of the gamma photon is 1. so Dose and dose-eq both are the same
    in the case of the gamma photon.
    will Fluka give the same Dose Result in both cases after the normalization factor

Dear @sharmaram,
In order to let other people understand your study case, it’s always better to share your input. Would you mind sharing your .flair file?