Duplicate bodies not recognized by FLAIR

Dear FLAIR team, @vasilis
The latest version of FLAIR (3.1-13) does not identify bodies with the same name and also does not show errors when that name is used in creating a geometry. In an input, I had 2 bodies with the same name but with different Zmin and Zmax (not obvious from the screenshot) and FLAIR did not identify any geometrical errors. In fact, the geometry was constructed with the second entry but FLUKA crashed with

Abort called from CMGCHK reason BODNAM==BODCHK Run stopped!

Commenting out the first entry solved the problem. If my memory serves right, such errors were identified by FLAIR before.

Cheers, Sunil

Thank you @sunil,
indeed by mistake the error was suppressed
I’ve corrected it now. It will be available in the next release