Enable/disable Define in Flair 3.1-6


I have just updated Flair to version 3.1-6 in Ubuntu 18.04 with:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

However, I now can’t manage to tick/untick the boxes to enable/disable the Define cards in the “Run” tab for a specific run (see picture below):

Could this issue be related with new version of Flair 3.1-6 for Ubuntu? Please find attached Basic.flair and Basic.inp files I used to test it:

Basic.flair (1.4 KB)
Basic.inp (927 Bytes)

Thank you for the help.
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Dear Arnaud,

could you try to make a clean install?

  1. First remove

    sudo apt remove flair flair-geoviewer
  2. Ensure that there is nothing left

     sudo rm -Rf /usr/local/bin/flair /usr/local/flair
  3. Update the package list

    sudo apt update
  4. and reinstall

    sudo apt install flair flair-geoviewer


Dear David,

Thank you for your answer.

After following the instruction to make a clean install, the issue still persits.

If I may add some information:

  • The enable/disable of Define card by clicking in the boxes in the Run tab works correctly from the input file point of view, the problem is just that the box does not get visually “ticked/unticked”.
  • If I downgrade to a previous version of Flair 3.1-5, the problem no longer occurs
  • This visualization issue occurs when using Ubuntu 18.04 with WSL. When testing Flair 3.1-6 on another machine with Ubuntu 18.04 as OS everything works fine (the boxes are fully filled when ticked)
  • This box tick issue visualization also occurs with other boxes like the ones to customize the layers in the Geometry tab (see boxes circled in yellow in the image below). The other boxes such as the “Global” tick box in the picture below are correclty visualized when ticked.

Thanks again for your help.



Dear Arnaud,

thank you for reporting the issue.

I was able to reproduce it. The solution is to install the missing fonts with the command:

sudo apt install ttf-ancient-fonts


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