Energy deposited in vacuum region

Dear Fluka Users
I have a simple problem. I am trying to estimate the total energy deposited in a thin cadmium sheet due to thermal neutron induced capture gammas. The Cadmium sheet is labelled CdJak. Its sandwiched between two aluminum plates. I am scoring deposited energy using USRTRACK. PRECISIO is selected as the Default.
The problem I am having is that I am getting quite a lot of energy deposited (in Cd and Al plates) even when their material is changed to Vacuum.
I tried to read through older posts but could not find any. May be I need a more careful look. Can someone please point to the solution?
attached below is the input file and a screen shot of the geometry
saurabh mukherjee

energy_deposition_positron_maker_new.inp (3.6 KB)

Dear Saurabh,

when you score ENERGY with USRTRACK you don’t score deposited energy, but differential energy fluence.

See note 2 at USRTRACK | FLUKA

To score deposited energy you may use the USRBIN scoring with a Region (point) mesh.


Dear David
thanks for the reply. Let me try that.