Error in source.f compilation in FLUKA 4.3-0

Dear Experts,
I am using FLUKA 4-3.0 with FLAIR 3-2.1 in UBUNTU 20.04 LTS.
Kindly find the attachment for source.f file and screenshot of the error.
In previous version of FLUKA, this source.f file was working successfully. But, with this version it is not working.
Probably there is some change in syntax for "CALL SFECFE (SINT, COST) in this version.
Kindly guide me to overcome the error.
Thanking you in advance.

Ru106_curve_beta_ICRP.f (11.5 KB)

Dear @ArghyaC,

Can you please try to replace the following line with call SFECFE(sin_theta, cos_theta)? (13.2.20. source_newgen.f — FLUKA Manual)


Dear @ArghyaC ,

your CALL SFECFE(SINT, COST) statement is out of alignment, it should start in the 7th column.