Error reading FLAIR 2 style inputs

Dear @vasilis

I have the old and new FLAIRs running in different machines. I created an input with the older FLAIR with input such as “What(2)=b(body,2)” etc. No geometrical errors were visible.

When I open the same input in the new FLAIR, my geometry is heavily mutilated. Several warning and error messages popped up such as;

w> Warning: Invalid what(s)=[6]
point oint3 222.737 0.0 341.21, p
w> Warning: Invalid what(s)=[6]
point arker14 15.2 0.0 0.0, m

w> Warning: Possibly modified expressions in card
what[1] =b(dump1,2)-0.5118inch
what[3] =0.7874
ZCC dump5 0.0 0.0 1.999996

What=2 Type=L: y coordinate of cylindrical axis

e> ERROR: Body ‘dump5’ What=1 Type=L: x coordinate of cylindrical axis

I can see the new FLAIR does not like the “*inch” expression. Is there is more to it than just the inch, such as a change in the syntax?

Many thanks


Hi @sunil
please replace the b() with body()