Error while processing

Hi ! I try to use USRBDX card to calculate the number of photons crossing some target. But when I want to process generated .fort file there are arise such error.

This error arose only after I added USRBDX card. Tell please what is the problem.
Here is corresponding .inp file.

Photoyields.inp (2.3 KB)

Flair suggests:

Warning: Possible conflict with unit: 22

See whether changing the output unit of your USRBDX to e.g. “23 BIN” solves your issue.


PS: note that SDUM=ELECTNUC in the PHOTONUC card will be ignored (no electronuclear reactions in the presently released version), so only photonuclear reactions will be enabled.

In fact, you already took the unit 22 for your RESNUCLEi scoring card, which cannot share the output unit with a different scoring type.
As for electronuclear reactions, they should be anyway negligible for your photon beam problem. (Nevertheless, they are going to come soon).

OK! I’ve changed 22 to 21 in RESNUKCLEi card and there is no error. But how can I see the number of photons impact on bismuth target. I use USRBDX card for this purpose. But where the data about photons are written ?

If you want to look at the integral value, you can find it in the resulting sum.lis file. If you want to plot the photon spectrum, you can generate a USR-1D plot in Flair, which will automatically use the results in the tab.lis file.

Here is sum.lis file I obtained. But there is no information about number of photons impact on bismuth. Whole information presented here I obtain even when I not using USRBDX card. What there is necessary to do for obtaining information from USRBDX ?

Photoyields _sum_lis.inp (3.1 KB)

You are looking at the sum.lis file referring to the RESNUCLEi card. Just take the USRBDX one (its name contains the USRBDX unit number you have selected in the input).