Errors when using function GETLET

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I am trying to use function GETLET in comscw.f. When i running it, it goes wrong with the error message as below in .log file. It seems errors in line with function GETLET. I have no clue on it. Could you please help find the problem? I attached the .inp, .flair and comscw.f file.`

And I have a question about function GETLET(IJ,EKIN, PLA, TDELTA, MATLET). As far as I understand, Matlet =26 calculate the LET in water. Where can I find these material index if I want to calculate in other tissue ?

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x7f29d11d13ff in ???
#1 0x7d190d in master.0.dpdxio
at dedx/dpdxio.f:328
#2 0x7d10cf in getlet_
at dedx/getlet.f:106
#3 0x403a0b in comscw_
at /home/zhaojf/flukaworks/PorousLung_LETcal_depth/comscw.f:106
#4 0x9ef066 in master.0.usrsco
at score/usrsco.f:555
#5 0x9fb5ca in usrsco_
at score/usrsco.f:4
#6 0xb4a88d in master.0.geoden
at geolat/geoden.f:113
#7 0xb4b45c in geoden_
at geolat/geoden.f:4
#8 0xa2f6fe in kaskad_
at cascade/kaskad.f:2787
#9 0x8bb7b0 in feeder_
at cascade/feeder.f:276
#10 0x809164 in flukam_
at main/flukam.f:2734
#11 0x4036f0 in fluka
at main/fluka.f:77
#12 0x4036f0 in main
at /shared/src/

CarbonPBS.flair (5.0 KB)
CarbonPBS.inp (4.1 KB)
comscw.f (6.1 KB)

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Happy new year!

Almost! 3 days to go.

Matlet =26 calculate the LET in water
Where can I find these material index if I want to calculate in other tissue ?

Take a look at the output file and look for " === Material compositions: ===". There follows a table with the list of all materials active for your input. You’ll see that e.g. WATER has index 37 in your case.



Dear Cesc,
Thank you for your quick reply. I read the output file. It is there. It seems the number will change and depends on how I write .inp file.
And then I found MEDFLK. It helps.
Now comscw.f is running.
Happy new year!