Export vector graphics in FLAIR

Dear community

I’ve encountered some problems exporting images from the FLAIR geoviewer. For my reports, I would like to add some nice figures of my FLUKA model using FLAIR’s geoviewer. So, I’ve tried to export the figure by using the export function in the geometry section of FLAIR. Unfortunately, I was only able to create png images. The dxf figure seems to be corrputed (only 1KB big). The ps figure is very huge (>8MB) but can’t be opened with any program. I’ve attached all exported figures below. I guess this issue could be related to my environment. At the moment, I’m using the newest version of FLAIR (3-1-14) and FLUKA (3-1-1) on a Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), i.e. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, together with the Xming display server. Do you have any suggestions how to fix my problem?


test_images.zip (102.2 KB)

Hi David,

dxf is a (mainly 2D) vector format and PS is also (mainly) a vector format. Thus, those formats are not really suitable to export the 3D images you are interested in.

The way to go is actually PNG or JPEG. In order to improve the quality you should increase the anti-aliasing settings - see http://flair.web.cern.ch/flair/tutorial/FLAIR3-FARM-introduction.pdf for more details.


Dear Chris

I see, thank you so much for your reply and your support. I really appreciate that.