Flair strange behavior

Dear Fluka users,

I’ve recently installed new Fluka 4.2.1 with Flair 3.15.1. When I tried to create new basic project, Flair started to behave strange. I couldn’t control it any more. It happened twice with me. It happened when i tried to make a copy of the card ‘Source’ (I’ve attached screenshot). I’m using it on Fedora 35 with Python 3.10 version. The most strange thing was that even when I tried to kill the process via Terminal nothing happened. Could you please tell me, is it possible that my system has a conflict with the program?

Hi @Alexy
I don’t use Fedora, so I’ve tried on a virtual machine with Fedora 35, but I am unable to reproduce it. It works ok.
My rough guess would be the graphics driver, which card do you have?
Otherwise it might be helpful to send us some extra information like: which variant of Fedora 35 you installed, hardware information, maybe package list etc…