Flair: too many terms in parenthesis expansion

Dear experts,
In my input FileDose4.inp (7.1 KB) , there is no error in geometry in the flair, but when I run it, it will prompt an error:
too many terms in parenthesis expansion
Execution terminated
Does any one tell me how I need to modify the input file?
thanks in advance!
best wishes

Dear Zhang,
your Wall region was described according to a logic formally correct, but indeed implying too many terms in the parenthesis expansion required to FLUKA run-time. Please find here my revised version, adopting a different region definition strategy with no need for any parenthesis: Dose4.inp (7.6 KB)
Also, for a 19 MeV proton beam, I’d rather use PRECISIOn DEFAULTS.

Dear Francesco,
Thank you very much for your help! If it had not been for your assistance, I will spend a very long time to solve this problem!
Thanks a again!
Best Wishes!