FLUKA installation and running in workstation

Dear FLUKA experts,

Recently I have installed the latest version of FLUKA and Flair in a workstation which is having CentOS 7 as operating system. I am facing the following issues:

  1. While opening the Flair window, every time, the license agreement window is popping up. I have clicked on “agree” button, still while reopening the flair file, the agreement window is generating. Can you please guide me how to fix that ?

  2. While submitting a run in Flair, it was showing that the estimated time is 8 hours to finish the simulation. If we program to shut down the workstation system after say 12 hours, will the result be saved ? I tried this way, but it seemed that full results were not saved. Since while closing the flair window, it asks for “save and close” and “discard and close”, if we directly shut down the machine without closing the flair window, will the results still be saved and can the results be compiled again on next day after opening the flair project ?

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Dear Riya,

  1. Thank you for reporting this! It seems there is an issue with saving the flair configuration file flair.ini with Flair 3.1-8.

  2. The estimated time is just that, an estimation. It can change depending on how much time does it take to simulate one primary, or how many other processes are running on the machine at the same time.

    I suspect that the simulation didn’t finish in 12 hours. FLUKA doesn’t save intermediate results within a cycle, so if a machine is shut down before the cycle is finished, everything in that cycle is lost.

    One solution would be to use more, but shorter cycles.

    Also closing the Flair window shouldn’t influence the runs, since they are running in separate processes. You can check it with the Linux command top or htop.


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Thank you @horvathd for the help.