FLUKADAT is not set

Dear FLUKA team

While running FLUKA in my institutional cluster using the rfluka script (through slurm),
I see fort.11 and fort.15 files in the output. Both files give me the same warning.
WARNING: The environment variable FLUKADATA is not set. Maybe you are not using the standard rfluka script.

To me, it appears that I am using the standard rfluka script.

May I know what is happening here and what are the implications if any?

Dear Sunil,

please verify the rfluka script you are using with which rfluka.

Also it is possible that you need to set the path for the slurm nodes, since as far as I know, they don’t use the same environmental variables as your user account.


Dear David

Since “no environmental variables are needed to compile and run FLUKA”, I did not set the path.

Also, my run is through the slurm command
srun /home/sunil/flukacern/fluka2011-3.0/bin/rfluka
I am calling rfluka through the full path.

For both these reasons, it is not clear to me why the slurm environment variable should be important.

I checked with my system administrator who says perhaps symbolic links may not be parsed properly by scripts (?). All home directories in the cluster are /blues/gpfs/home/sunil with symbolic links pointing to /home/sunil/. Again, I do not see how this could be the reason.

I will set the PATH and keep and see what happens.
Many thanks


Dear Sunil,

sorry if I was not clear enough. Under environment variables I meant the $PATH variable. But you are right, if you are using the full path, it should not matter.

You can check which directory is set up for the FLUKADATA variable, with the command.
<path_to_fluka>/bin/fluka-config --data
The result should be:

In my test the symbolic link has been parsed correctly, but I couldn’t test it on a cluster node.