Formerly working .inp file goes wrong results after geometry update.

Dear experts,
In the first semester of 2020, we simulated a new beamline at the ALBA synchrotron (minerva_2_1.inp) that was working properly. Recently, after a minor update of the geometry (minerva_2_4.inp), when we run again the file the results are totally different and incorrect. We suspect the program isn’t reading correctly the hsource.f file.
Could you please check the files and help us to solve the issue?
Thanking you in advance,

hsource.f (9.2 KB)
minerva_2_1.inp (15.7 KB)
minerva_2_4.inp (16.2 KB)
NOTOS-BM-FLUX-10keV-500keV.dat (10.1 KB)

Could you please share your .flair file?

I’m sorry I just realized we have the other version. So sorry.