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I used atmloc_2011.f to calculate the energy spectrum of cosmic muons across geographical locations in my region and changed the AllparticleExample inputs, but the code evantually only runs for ten particles and if i increase the number of particles, the message is quickly finished ok with cannot execute command …error. can anyone help me ?

Dear @hajar.bagheri,

It would be great if you could share your input file together with all the auxiliary files that you are using to run your simulation. This way we could help you more efficiently.

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Yes, of course. I attached them. thanks
gcr_muon.zip (28.1 KB)

Hi @hajar.bagheri,

Indeed there is a problem. I do not have a solution yet but I am taking a look to it. I believe it is related to the info contained in the .sur file generated by atmloc.f. Do you remember the values you input to this program to generate the auxiliary files?


hi @fogallar
yes I remember them. i wanted generate the values input for :
Geographic latitude=35.69N
Geographic longitude=51.39E
Altitude (km)=1.189
Geomagnetic cut-off acceptance (GeV) = I did not know the exact entry, but i entered 0.644969E+09
can you get the input files yourself and run the code with them?I really need the result of this code, thank you very much for your help.

Hi @hajar.bagheri

Are you sure you entered 0.644969E+09 as the geomagnetic cut-off acceptance? atmloc.f is not able to generate any files for such a high value. Please take a look to this related question. Nonetheless, there is one parameter you did not tell me, the “topmost altitude for particle tracking”.

I have generated new files using the latitude, longitude and altitude you provided but setting 1 GeV as exemplary geomagnetic cut-off acceptance as well as 1e10 as the topmost altitude for particle tracking. Using these new files your simulation run without problems. Please note that the parameters to be used will depend on your case study.

I would recommend you to generate a new set of files and to try again.

Let us know if the problem persists.

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Dear @fogallar
you were right, I was adamant about cut-off acceptance.
Thanks for your help.