Geometry error (run OK) and failed material setting (run failed)

Hi FLUKA experts,

I am using an electron beam to irradiate the water, the beam is exiting through a titanium window, air, the water window and then into the water, shown in the following figure.

I have two questions here.

  1. Geometry error, while the file runs normally.
    While I was trying to add a cover plate above the water window, it showed error where the red frames are in the figure. However the file is running successfully. Can you please help check if it is the input file error or the system error?

  2. Material not error while the input file failed to run.
    I was trying to build the compound for stainless steel 304, the files ran successfully when I only used the built-in elements like C, Fe, Mn… However, when I added the material “sulphur” and “phosphrus” and then used them for stainless steel 304 compound, the input file fails to run. It showed
    *** Impossible to open file ***
    *** on unit 1 ***
    Abort called from VXLINP reason UNABLE TO OPEN VOXEL FILE Run stopped!
    I attached my input file. tiwindow.inp (22.0 KB) . Thank you very much for your time and help.


Dear Xi,

Upon a quick glance, for some reason you appear to have lines in your input file to include a voxel geometry. It does not look like you need them, so remove them.

Then you’ll see that region COVER is not assigned any material. Assign it whatever material you need.

When adding region COVER make sure you adapt the definition of region AIR accordingly so as to effectively subtract the region of space corresponding to region COVER (otherwise you have points in space belonging to two regions instead of just one as intended, hence the error).



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