HEAVYION with source_newgen.f

Dear Experts,
My beam is Carbon ion (defined in BEAM card with HEAVYION) and its energy spectrum is defined in source_newgen.f along with source_hist.dat.
in source_hist.dat, unit of energy is taken as “GeV/n”

in source_newgen.f, there is command
momentum_energy = sample_histogram_momentum_energy(“source_hist.dat”, “GeV”)

here should we change “GeV” to “GeV/n” or for HEAVYION it will be taken into account automatically?

Waiting for your suggestion.

Thanking you in advance.

Dear @ArghyaC,

you can keep is as “GeV”. It only applies a conversion factor between different energy units.

The conversation from energy per unit mass to total energy is done automatically.


Thank you very much for your reply.

That means if I select HEAVYION as beam particle, then in source.f, energy unit will be automatically taken as GeV/n. Am I right ?

Dear @ArghyaC,

in source_newgen.f yes, the energy will taken as GeV/n (as it written in the comments). However, in source.f the total energy specified, even for heavy ions.


Thank you very much for clarification.

Yes, I have seen the comments in source_newgen.f as below

! 3.1. Momentum & Energy
! ----------------------
! Set the momentum [GeV/c] or the kinetic energy [GeV] of the primary particle
! For heavy ions values are per nuclear mass unit.
! Default:
! Momentum calculated from values set on the BEAM card (if present), 200 GeV/c otherwise