How can i using USRYIELD/USRBDX recording particle angle infomation?

Dear Fluka experts

I am developing an new beam model tesing model.In such programme we need collect particle transport direcion(fly angle) information.Firstly, we calculated particle position and transport angle in Gate Monte carlo as fig1 shows

Figure1 Gate psf data

After that, we simulate particles transport progress in FLUKA and hoping get particle fly angle using USRBDX or USRYield scoring module.However, the output is strange.Specifically speaking, all particles scattering angle is 0 after they passing through 10mm Al material as fig2 shows.(we put the scorer at the boundary of range shifter and scoirng volume)
Figure2 USRBDX

Am i set the wrong scorer or there is some misunderstanding when i using those two angle scorer? Please let me know if you need any extra information.Thank you so much for your kind help.

Here is the inp file and outputs
linac.txt (3.8 KB)
linac_23_sum.lis (778.2 KB)
linac_23_tab.lis (678.4 KB)
linac_22_sum.lis (11.9 KB)
linac_22_tab.lis (6.0 KB)

No heavy ions are leaving the “spbox” region, this is why you see an empty spectrum.
Also notice that your input doesn’t have a HI-PROPE card which is need to specify which heavy ions your primaries are.

Thank you for your help,i put an usrbin to record H-ion fluence message in svolume and there truely get H-ion fluence information in USRBIN result as followed figure express.
Figure: usrbin design and fluence output
I wonder if this an evidence to apporve that the H-ion hase been transported from spbox to svolume?Besides, the reason why i did not set HI-PRO card is we simulated the default carbon ion as primary beam.
The aux filter card and HI-PRO card is added in inp file for later verification


While the angle result is still empty.Would you mind help me further?Appreciate your help again.

Sorry for my question.I zoom in the geometry and the reason why no particle has been transport from spbox to svolume is that those two region is not closely clinging as fig 1 shows.Really appreciate your kind help.