How to change the coordinate scale in 2D-plot

Dear FLUKA experts:
This figure plotted in flair is a 2-D dose map, but the two coordinate scales are different. As shown in figure1. I mean that 200cm of X and 200cm of Z are not same long in figure 1. How to make it show scale proportionally?

Dear @wd0001,

This is a gnuplot related question, the answer can be found here.


Looking at this picture, if you click on the “Title” button (the one highlighted), the menu below will open and there you can set aspect to 1.0, in your case with axes having the same dimensions, it will make the plot “squared”.
Otherwise, you can do your plot through the “Geometry tab” as explained in here on slide 21.

Thank you, amario. It works.

Thank you for reply, it seems a deep interpretation