How to deal with fort files and get bnn file?

Deal All,
I tried to use command line to execute FLUKA. And I got fort files. I knew that in Flair I can use Process function to deal with these fort files and get the data as bnn files.
But I don’t know how to deal with them by using command line of terminal in Linux system, and get the bnn files(Ascii), so I can find out the data that I want.
Thank you for any assistance in advance!
Guangru Li

Dear @liguangru,
yes after the run of Fluka using the command to
/pathtofluka/bin/rfluka -M 5 example.inp, see FLUKA on the command line | The official CERN FLUKA website you will get _fort.nn files for the each spawn of your run and scoring card (e.g. USRBDX) container.

After the finishing of the run _fort.nn files will be moved to the parent directory.
Then there are 2 options

  1. The basic Fluka instrument is usbsuw.f routine, which will help you to access the output data. After running /pathtofluka/bin/usbsuw command you will be asked for the input and output file names. The output file name should represent type of your scoring and container number, e.g. _21.bnn for the USRBDX BIN21 container.
    There is a disadvantage of this method, that you have to do this for the each _fort file.

  2. Another option, if you need to use the command line, but have Flair installed. It is possible to use Flair built-in tool using the command line. In this case it is necessary to use:
    “flair --data run_name.inp project_name.flair” , see F1.2.1} Command line options and relevant discussion Command line data processing
    for the automatic processing and merge of all result files in the folder as it can be done with the interface

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Dear lllia,
Thank you very much!
Actually, I am trying to write a bash file to run FLUKA with command lines, could you please give me some suggestion?
Thank you again!

Guangru Li