How to import obj format files?

Dear Experts,

I drew a 3D diagram with blender software.Export to obj format,It is then added with simplegeo software, but the output to fluka is not recognized.Curiously, simplegeo software can implement viewing!

I know flair, simplegeo can achieve modeling. But I want to ask, is this method of import feasible? Is it caused by my improper operation?

I hope to get an answer from an expert.

Thanks in advance!

Dear fengfeng,

Obj is a polygon based surface modeling format which currently has no equivalent in FLUKA. Therefore, you cannot export it properly to FLUKA even though SimpleGeo supports OBJ.

For the model that you are showing it is probably the easiest to directly model it in SG or geo viewer by cloning RPPs.

Best regards

Dear Professor Theis,

Thank you as a developer for your detailed answers.Indeed flair is quite a good choice.Posts can be closed, this is the best answer!

Thanks again!