How to record the energy of stopping protons

Dear FLUKA experts,

I am using the ENDRAW entry of MGDRAW routine to score the coordinates and energies of stopping protons in my target.
But I only get the coordinates in the output file and all the values of in the energy column are zero.

Could you please help me to see where the problem is?
Please find the attached input file and modified routine.
ex.inp (2.0 KB)
mgdraw_end.f (3.5 KB)

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Qi Ding

Hello Qi Ding,

Your observation seems logical as a stopped proton has zero kinetic energy.
Is your question possibly to correllate the starting energy of the proton with its stopping location ?


Dear Qi Ding,

to be able to provide support, please use the FLUKA (and Flair) version released by CERN, as this was mentioned before in this topic. Otherwise, your question may be removed from the forum.

You can register and download this release at:


Dear Thomas,

Thanks a lot for your response.
Yes, for my understanding if a proton’s kinematic energy falls below that transportation threshold, it will remain where it is and its remaining energy will be dumped on the spot. For this I want to know the energy dumped on the spot where protons stopped.
Could you please tell me how to get that?

Thanks in advance.

Qi Ding

Dear David,

Thanks for your reminder and the link.
I will update version as soon as possible.


Qi Ding