How would I properly handle the issue of 'too many regions in voxel'

Dear FLUKA experts

I used the Dicom function to generate a voxel model in Flair, but there were too many regions in this voxel model, which makes it unable to run. To this end, I added the global card, but it still doesn’t work properly.

I would be very grateful if you could solve my problem


Hello Sixue,

if you look at the error message it says “GLOBAL out of order”. This does not indicate a memory problem but rather a problem of sequence of the cards. The GLOBAL card must be at the top of the input before other cards. See:

I would suggest that you put the TITLE card as the first one and the GLOBAL card as the second one.


Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for reminding me!
However, there is a new problem that prevents me from running the program. Do you know the reason for this problem?


Dear @Sixue.Dong,

What you show is not the problem but the effect of the problem.
The program crashed and therefore generated a core.
Why did it generate a core? Nobody can tell with so little information.
What you have to do is to:
1-go inside the fluka temporary directory, in this specific case fluka_22021 and you can do that double clicking on it in the windows you are sharing
2-look inside the .log .err and .out file and search for error any message; this error message is likely to tell you what the cause of the problem is.

Extremely warmly invite you to review two lectures from the fluka beginners course:

Dear amario

Sincerely thank you for your guidance. I will look for the answers according to the instruction first.