Image layer in arbitrary plane possible?


I am using drawings in an image layer for geometry building.

I have an image which is rotated w/r to the x,y,z planes. If I enter the respective coordinates, however, the image is not displayed. The image is well displayed if the image is aligned with one of the x,y,z planes. Is this is as it should work ?

Hi Markus,

could you send us the flair file and the image to check


Both files here in attachment:

Many thanks for looking into this.

esps_exp.flair (43.0 KB)

Hi Markus,
I just fixed the bug, which version you are using so I can prepare the beta package?

Great ! I am using version 3.0-10

Sorry I meant for which linux distro ubuntu, 18, 19, fedora etc?

Ah, sorry. I am using the .tgz package on macOS and centOS7 (lxplus).

Hi Markus,

you can find in the beta folder all packages there.

Great ! It’s working perfectly. Many thanks.