Input card skipped if no DEFAULTS card present

Dear all,

I just made the observation that omitting the DEFAULTS card does NOT default to the NEW-DEFA settings. I observed that the running time per particle (10 GeV proton) was much longer when I did not place a DEFAULTS card at all as compared to DEFAULTS: NEW-DEFA.
I compared the *.out files between the two runs, and I found that by omitting the DEAFULTS card the beam is set to a proton with a momentum of 200 GeV/c.

Best regards,

Dear Thomas,

thank you for reporting the issue.

I did some tests and it looks like the problem is not the omission of the DEFAULTS card per se. (The NEW-DEFA options are still enabled, as far as I can tell)

The actual problem is, that the first card after an empty TITLE card is skipped. (If a GLOBAL card is present or the TITLE card is not empty, then there is no issue with reading the input.)


Dear David,
I confirm, it seems it is the missing TITLE card which leads to the default behaviour of BEAM.

Best regards, Thomas