Issue with Flair energy loop

Dear Experts,
I was trying to simulate the same I/P file for 44 different energy points. As the energy points are not equally spaced, I created a loop of few points and then I cloned some of the inputs and changed the energy manually (as I have done before also). But surprisingly, manual entry of energies was not considered by Flair and it was overridden by the energies created in the loop.
In the attached image, I created WP_ICRU4_1MeV to WP_ICRU4_20MeV via ‘loop’ and then cloned WP_ICRU4_1MeV to different inputs by changing their name and energy manually. But all the results gave a similar results to WP_ICRU4_1MeV.

WP_ICRU4.flair (7.2 KB)
WP_ICRU4.inp (2.6 KB)

Kindly help


Dear Sandipan,

in your #define there is a [SPACE] after the variable name E, which prevents Flair to calculate the energy of the beam, resetting it to the default 200 GeV/c momentum.

The actual particle energy can be checked in the *001.out file of the run.

Fixing the variable name will reset the different runs’ energy settings, so you need to set those again.

Finally, you need to add an EMF-CUT card with Type: PROD-CUD, to allow the production of lower energy photons and electrons. Without this, the transport thresholds are increased automatically to match the default production thresholds.


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