Issue with the EMFCUT card

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am doing some simulations to study the difference in the energy deposition in the presence or absence of photons and by lowering the threshold for the electrons. However, when I try to impose a value of -1e-5 for the electrons, the number is automatically converted in 1e-5 and the system gives me an error.

How can I solve this issue?
Also, regarding the the cards’ input, is it correct to impose the material as carbon and vacuum, as my target is made only of carbon?

Best regards,

Dear Lovepreet,

to be able to set the 1e-5 GeV kinetic energy for electrons you need to change the e-e+ Threshold from Total to Kinetic.

Regarding the materials and regions, FLUKA expects the in an increasing order. See the list of predefined materials at: 5.2} Pre-defined materials | FLUKA. Since VACUUM is the second defined material, you need to start with that. The ending material (to Mat) in your case can be the
CARBON, or the you can use the pseudo-material @LASTMAT.


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