Laser-induced-damage simulation

Dear Experts,
I am a beginner in FLUKA. After reading the manuals, I wonder if the beam particle is the OPTIPHON, can FLUKA define the nanosecond or femtosecond pulse laser source? Is it possible to simulate the laser-induced-damage physical process with FLUKA?
Waiting for your suggestions sincerely.
Thank you!

No, it cannot be done. There is no laser-matter interaction in Fluka.

But Fluka can calculate photon-matter interaction. I guess if users view the pulse laser as high-energy photons which are emitted periodically, is it possible to simulate the laser source approximatively?

I’m quoting the Fluka manual: “the present lowest transport limit for photons is 100 eV”, which corresponds to about 10 nanometers.
The frequency of lasers is of the order of several hundreds of nanometers up to a thousand nanometers, which correspond to about 1 eV.
There is no overlap.
Optical photon in Fluka are special particles and are just transported “optically”, this has been done in order to make Fluka available. e.g. to people interested in developing scintillation detectors. It cannot be used to simulater laser-target interactions.

All Right. Thanks for your solution!