Location of Energy Deposition Results in the output files

I am a new user, I am trying to simulate a straightforward conical scintillator. As part of this I am trying to understand the energy deposited within the volume. I have created the necessary USRBIN in the region of interest but I cannot see in the .out files where the energy deposition is referred to. I can see the “Energy Deposition” in GeV/Cm**3, value for the volumes in my geometry, is this the energy deposition?

I can create a plot of the total energy deposition from the .bnn file, but I can not see where the energy deposition value is mentioned. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Dear Andrew,

the results of the USRBIN (or other scoring) cards are not stored in the .out file, but in the .bnn (.bdx, etc.) files.

These files are binary files, but they can be converted to human readable ASCII files. See:


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