Manual editing of INPUT file

Regarding the new FLAIR file, I wonder what the recommended way is to manually edit the input file.

Sometimes, for certain editing tasks (column editing, search/replace) the use of a text editor is very convenient. I did this in the past in parallel on the input file and FLAIR took the modifications nicely into account on the fly.

Since version ~3.0.3 or so, I noticed that a modification of the input file is not necessarily translated to the flair file anymore. However, editing the input file instead of the flair file is more convenient because of the formatting inside the flair file.

What is the recommend work flow / process to manually edit the input ?

Many thanks!


Hi @mrettig editing of the .inp file should work as before and/or editing the .flair file.
If not then there should be some bug somewhere and it doesn’t update correctly.
Are you using the latest 3.0.6 version of flair? If not please check with the latest, and if it persist it would be nice if you can provide us with some steps to reproduce it


I am using version 3.0.6.

When modifying the inp file and saving it, flair sees the changes maybe a few times - and then stops. I have observed this behaviour on UBUNTU WSL, but not on my MAC installation, so far.

But I understand that in principle one can work on the input file with an editor. The changes should be taken by Flair on the fly.

This thread was obsoleted by the new flair version