Multiple outputs with geometry as a variable

Dear Fluka experts,
I’m very much a novice and would appreciate your guidance!
I want to simulate the activation/cooldown of a particle detector with DOSE-EQ output, however I would like to segment the detector after activation and create independent DOSE-EQ outputs for each segment.
Can this be done with one activation simulation, creating multiple outputs? What would be the best approach?
Also, is there a way to ignore self-shielding effects?
Many thanks for your help

Dear @acryer,

I am not sure that I fully understand what you would like to do. By segmenting the detector do you mean the physical segmentation of an object into sub-regions or do you mean segmentation in the sense that you would like to have multiple results of DOSE-EQ for different cooling periods?

If you refer to geometric segmentation then it is very simple. You create different regions and you create multiple tallies that you can associate with a region. Just have a look at the USRBIN card which allows you to create such tallies.

If you refer to segmentation of the cooling time (which I assume is what you mean), then you can do this as well. You have to specify a time profile defining the irradiation period (IRRPROFI card) + the cooling times using the DCYTIMES card. Then you create multiple tallies and associate each of them with a specific cooling time with the DCYSCORE card.

Please have a look at the following slides where you find everything explained in detail.