No error messages, but continues to run

Here is my input file. The run simply hung up for the first time for 15+ hours.
e7.inp (45.2 KB)

Dear @wrnrp123,

I have tried to run your inputfile with your define deactivated and it runs smoothly. On my machine, it takes about 0.03 second per primary. Since you have 10^8 primaries in your START card, it then makes more than 72 hours to run. Therefore, my guess is that you have set a too high number of primaries.

Also, I notice that if you activate a “#define SolidW” there is at least one geometry error, namely in the definition of what I believe should be the region REG601.

Hope it helps.

Dear amario
Thank you for your help. That helped a lot. For the SolidW option I now ran 10**8 cases using a spawn of 5 for a total 3 hours !

Cheers, Ralph Nelson (SLAC Retired)