No scoring in region of interest

I have started a new project where I have to evaluate doses in TLDs region under multiple filters but I got 0 scoring despite using biasing card. So how could I get particle to reach my regions of interest knowing that I have done the same simulation using GAMOS code and I got the scoring using the “point detector” tool ?

Thanks in advance


Dear @ibtissam.zidouh,

I’m sorry, but it is impossible to diagnose your problem without having your inputfile. Could you please share your .flair file?

Dear @amario
Here you will find my flair file.

48v1.flair (4.3 KB)

Dear @ibtissam.zidouh,

There are a few problems with your input.

  • the are geometry errors in the definition of your dosimeters

  • you didn’t decrease the production and transport threshold for the electromagnetic particles to levels compatible with your beam energy

Dear @amario

Thank you so much to have pointed out my mistakes. I corrected my geometry, decreased the production and transport treshold and changed the scoring option and I finally got the desired results.

Thanks again .

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