Normalization of DETECT card results

Dear Experts
I am trying to simulate the coincidence count rate between two detectors looking at a source made up of Na22. The idea is to see what is the smallest detector size that can give me a reasonable coincidence count rate of say about 10 cps.
For this, I setup a DETECT card which records the energy deposited in one detector (DET1) in coincidence with the second detector (DET2). Appropriate energy thresholds were applied.
The question I have is about the normalization of the data from DETECT card. Is it normalized to per primary (disintegration) or is it normalized to the number of events in detector 2 (DET2)? please see the input files for clarity.
Na-22_coink.inp (2.8 KB)

I believe this question has been answered somewhere in the forum but i couldnt really find it.
thanks for the help.

It is normalized to per primary

thanks for the help !