Number of energy bins with pointwise cross sections activated

Dear Experts,
I have activated pointwise cross section for Nat. Li Target. I want to score the neutron spectrum at various angles for which I have used USRBDX. Still after putting 300 bins for energy, I get only 265 energy bins in the output of USRBDX. The manual quotes that" * When low-energy neutrons are requested to be scored with USRBDX, USRTRACK, etc, FLUKA will honor the user selected energy histogram binning only if the material(s) assigned to the region(s) of each scoring card are fully defined with pointwise cross sections. If at least one isotope in the material description of the involved region(s) is using multigroup treatment, FLUKA will switch to multigroup energy binning for neutrons energies below < 20MeV as in the past."
I am attaching the input and the usrbdx output for reference.
Li7_n.inp (4.4 KB)
Li7_n_29_tab.lis (46.7 KB)

Let your LOW-PWXS card be empty, this way applying the point-wise treatment everywhere (otherwise, group-wise treatment is adopted when leaving LITHIUM).